Tables Napa Valley

Making Handcrafted Furniture constructed with traditional

techniques and modern designs in the Napa Valley

Old Redwood Work Table-

Reclaimed Redwood, Rustic Construction, Epoxy Top Finish.‚Äč        

Console/Sofa Tables

Reclaimed, flamed Redwood and Doug Fir

Coffee Table

Inside Out Table


Reclaimed Doug Fir used in building !st Pres. Church, Napa 1874

Coffee Table  30"x30"x18"

Reclaimed Redwood, Doug Fir and Spalted Maple

Meditation Table

Old Growth Flamed Redwood

Black Oak

I am available for commissions and am always working on pieces of my own design.  Please contact me for specifics about

any of your interests or needs. I am happy to work with you to create a unique piece for your home or business.

Currently Building:


   All sizes from Conference to small occasional tables. I like to combine reclaimed and virgin timbers in building tables that show both the character of the woods and the history the material reveals through marks and patinas of age.